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Obituary for David L. Goldsmith

We have lost one of our great minds; with a beyond compare memory & personality for miles! David Goldsmith was a Successful Entrepreneur, Renaissance Man, Jack of All Trades, Gourmand, Oenophile of fine French Wines, Melophile in the genres of Classical, Jazz and Opera, Barrista Extraordinaire on the old lever machines, dark room Photographer & One of The Best Dad's & Husband's the World Over. Not to mention a Gentle Loving Soul unwilling to even kill a spider. Gregarious, Vivacious, Life of The Party, No Filter in sight, Perfected the art of the monologue, Extreme Character, a Scholar, Researcher, Die Hard Liberal, Avid Reader of The NYT and Great Books & Poets alike, an avid Walker, Hiker, Fly Fishermen, Explorer of Nature, Lover of all Animals & a Real Bon Vivant!

In short, he is Unforgettable, a man who after 1 meeting, even strangers would recollect years later! Dave had the keenest of ears, played multiple instruments & could name musicians, composers, and singers by ear. He was a superior provider and planner, with the mindset of always 10 steps ahead of the fray. Mentally he was in a zillion places at once, complex to say the least & near impossible to keep up with! Dave had an extreme trust & faith in humanity, being Gregarious, outgoing, convivial & a man who loved to talk to anyone & everyone! He was a Perfectionist & did seemingly everything to the 9's with such Gusto, while still being a witty, fun loving & all-around character!

David Goldsmith was an actuary & the founder of a successful business, Profit Planners Inc. He was an exercise junkie who during his lunch hour would run a workout class at the Lawson YMCA. For decades, doing 1000 pushups legs elevated & 1000 sit-ups, weight reps to the umpteenth degree, running of stairs in high-rises, all to the extreme! A great lover of the culinary arts, Modest & Hamisha to a fault; never one to accept a compliment. A Hobbyist from canoes, to sail boats, to cross country skiing, and many more. Dave loved a challenge from tinkering and fixing everything he could get his hands on from cars, to plumbing, etc. He loved to research every subject matter under the sun in the pursuit of knowledge for knowledge's sake no matter how archaic. A man who knew the capital of every Canadian Province or could do temp conversions in his head instantaneously. There is almost no conversation he couldn't partake in impromptu with the knowledge of an expert in volumes. In short, he was this brilliant, memorable, spitfire of energy and the world is a sadder place in his absence. He will be missed and loved alike, as A Lover of Life & People! His Grandparents founded Zwick Men's Department Store & Father Isadore ran the Men's Store of Goldsmith and Zwick Department Stores in Southern Illinois. So, Dave always knew quality and craftsmanship in retail. He was a non-stop encyclopedia in every arena. His Life is an Admirable Success Story!

He is survived by the Love & Light of his Life, his Best Friend, Confidant & Biggest Cheerleader- his wife Sue Goldsmith, Daughter Rebecca Goldsmith, Sister Marcy Goldsmith, Brothers Steve Goldsmith, Bob Goldsmith & Gordy Goldsmith, Sons Dan Goldsmith & Martin Goldsmith, Daughter Rachel Veltman, Grandchildren Hannah Goldsmith, Ben Goldsmith & Natalie Veltman Ehrlich, and his 3 Great Grandchildren.

Graveside service and shiva will be private. Donations may be made to The Greater Chicago Food Depository, The Covenant House, World Wildlife Fund, the National parks Foundation, Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, Wildlife Conservation Society, and UNICEF. Info: The Goldman Funeral Group, (847) 478-1600.